Abstract Bloom on a Tile

I have been learning a new style of painting. This is acryling fluid art. This is done in Shelee Art style of painting. Shelee is an Australian artist who has a course on how to do these abstract blooms on tile, or board or canvas. It is really fun to do when I can get it to work. It has been very challenging to get this work. I think I finally got it. When this tile is dry it will be really sparkly. You can’t see the sparkle in this picture but maybe I will update if this dries well. I hope to eventually sell these as coaster sets in many different colors.

Miss Moo

Here is a color pencil tribute to a feral cat who had taken to trusting me. My husband and I were walking in our neighborhood one day and we saw this cat who looked like a cow. We said hello to her and talked to her for a minute. The next day this cat was at our door. She looked desperate and hungry so we fed her. The next few days she brought us her kittens. So we caught them and tried to socialize them. Then after a few months we took them to the Humane Society and they were adopted out to new homes. But Miss Moo, stayed behind and lived in the woods next to our house. I had her spayed. And gave her a bed on our porch. She LOVED her bed. But we could not bring her inside because she freaked out so bad wanting out and was scared. So she stayed outside. In the winter I put her inside our catio pen and she was ok with that. She LOVED her bed and blankets. She became sick and slowly stopped eating and lost a lot of weight after two years of being with us. I took her to the vet and the vet felt a large mass running through her belly. She was suffering because she no longer wanted to eat. I tried to syringe feed her and it was just to much for both of us. So I had to decide to have her put to sleep. The vet thinks she was about 10 years old. At least Miss Moo was able to have some comfort for her last few years. I miss you Miss Moo.

Miss Moo just loved her bed and blankets.

Reining Glory Color Pencil

This color pencil artwork is currently for sale. It is 11×9 inches in size, un-matted and unframed. It will come in a protective sleeve. I love horses and this was a fun project that I worked on. I would really love to see it find a new home. If you have any questions, please ask!!

Buy This Artwork HERE:


Reining Glory  120dpi

New Art Title: A Different Perspective

It has been a long time since I blogged but I wanted to share my latest piece.

I call it ‘A Different Perspective’.

This piece actually took me MONTHS to finish. I hated it when I drew out the sketch. I wanted to see it through. This piece was so tough to work on because I had experienced the dreaded wax bloom that can happen when using color pencil. I erased the chest portion then painted over it with Gesso! Then I erased it again! I just knew I had ruined this piece.

I did not give up! I was able to work it out and it now looks pretty darn good. I have even already SOLD this piece. It pays to stick with it and finish it. People seem to love it. It has gotten a good laugh.

So here it is.

horse carrot 150dpi

Animal Art By Jodi Copyrighted 2016


Reining Glory: Color Pencil Newest Piece

I have finally finished a new piece! Color pencil. Thank you to Karen Shaheen for her reference photo.  I believe this turned out nicely! Hope you enjoy it! For purchasing information please contact me here

Reining Glory  120dpi

Please click the image to see a closer view. Thank you!!~Jodi

My Latest In Progress Art Piece

Two horses play fighting.  I hope to be finished with this one soon. I have had a lot of trouble with it. I started working on it then stopped out of frustration. I will share when I get it finished of course!

Stay tuned!


I Now Have A Few Small Prints

Now offered as small 8x10 prints!

Now offered as small 8×10 prints!

I Now Have A Few Small Prints

Hey Everyone!

I am happy to say I can now offer small prints of some of my artworks. Take a look at the link!

This listing is for a 8×10 inch print of my high contrast graphite pencil drawing of a Horse in a Bridle.

The print will have a thin white border which makes it perfect for matting and framing.

It will ship with 1-3 days and packaged as securely as possible to prevent damage.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Thank you