Devils Garden; Phase 2

I am sharing this for the wild horses. Please follow Wild Horse Education. Donate if you can. This group does everything they can for wild horses.

Wild Horse Education

This two part article by Elyse Gardner Walsh is an update, personal observation and review pertaining to capture, communication and handling. This article compares BLM post capture protocol with what Forest Service is doing at “Double Devil.”

The adoption/sale event at Double Devil in Alturas CA is scheduled for Nov. 16 and 17.

We realize this is a long article. We tried to cover many areas of concern (including emails we are receiving about the wild horses that are in BLM care that appear to be part of a wave of misinformation) with more than just a “line.” NOTE that the horses that went into BLM care at Litchfield are referred to as “the same as all BLM wild horses in holding” by BLM national office. This is in direct contradiction to much of what is flying around the internet. 


Part One: Devils Garden Phase 2

As of November 8…

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#WildHorses Owyhee, the Orphan Pen (the faces that haunt) — Wild Horse Education

Wild Horse Education was just offered matching funding by a generous supporter through Monday, October 8th. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the e-magazine cover to double your donation and to be put on the mailing list for the next issue of WHE’s digital magazine! Personal Editorial; Laura Leigh Yesterday I […]

via #WildHorses Owyhee, the Orphan Pen (the faces that haunt) — Wild Horse Education

BLM Signs Decision, Approves Oregon Spaying

Real Wild Horse News, Cruel Spaying approved. Please read, share and donate to the one group that gets things done. thank you.

Wild Horse Education

2018_dhFC_0604 - 1 (2) copyThe Record of Decision on the spay experiments in Oregon was approved by the Burns District BLM. You can read the letter here: ORSPAY_Cover letter_signed

Today the debate in Congress will cover funding for spaying (currently not approved) in the fiscal 2019 budget. The House voted “yes,” the Senate voted “no.” Funding is now in committee to rectify the bills. .

You can find your reps here:


A note from WHE volunteer Juley Dyer.

I was talking with my vet during a visit. He offered the following:

Spaying for birth control in dogs is something that is done these days almost on a conveyor belt, so common and should be demanded.
But this procedure is barbaric butchery for a horse. For it to even be considered is insane! We have studies out there for birth control vaccines that should be utilized.
I wanted to tell you a…

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Backwards and Forward; Triple B and the “big picture”


Wild Horse Education

2018_0201 - 1 (3) Images of this mare, and warnings of others close to giving birth, were shown to BLM prior to the start of Triple B in 2018 We were able to warn BLM of her location and document the herd because we came before the chopper ever flew and know the range. We found her, she is still free but her band mates are not. Her family was shattered and she must have lagged behind or hid. One of the released studs found her… and they are now a small family of 3.


Each mile, each range, each wild horse, carries so much information critical in the fight for protection against physical abuse of the land, horse and abuse of power. Triple B is not just a “roundup,” it is a piece in the big picture. 

Many people only see these roundups when an expensive cameraman…

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“An Old Crippled Rat” – The Sad Story of Killean Cut Kid

Jason Moore, Killean’s owner and Mandy Jones the driver, you suck ass. I hope you never have peace for the lies you told about this poor horse being euthanized. Instead sent to auction to be sold and butchered brutally. That horse did not deserve any of that!!

Horseracing Wrongs

Shedrow Secrets

Killean Cut Kid
by Joy Aten

Killean Cut Kid, a 12-year-old Standardbred, was just acquired from the Bastrop, Louisiana, kill pen last Wednesday, August 30. According to the “Save Our Standardbreds from Slaughter” FB page, the gelding was due to ship to slaughter the next morning. The photos of Killean Cut Kid standing tied at the kill pen are heart wrenching – his rope halter’s lead secured short yet with slack, the compliant bay’s front ankles have massive wounds that encircle them entirely. There are large areas missing hair and hide, some with the rectangular pattern of the purposeful shaving before a joint injection…swollen and angry-red proud flesh is present…as are the scars of multiple freeze or pin firings. One can only imagine the pain he has endured – and for quite some time.

Any equine helplessly awaiting the tortuous transport to and the unspeakable butchering in a…

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The Wild in Wild Horses, the land they stand on (public land seizure movement, segment five)

Please read the entire series of articles and take the actions listed in here. Contact your representatives.

Wild Horse Education

BA_05192016_012 - 1 Will we be shot to satisfy a volatile political climate? It’s highly likely that the answer is “yes.” But it can be stopped… the fight does not end.

Part one; overview, big picture:

Part two; some of the “wild horse” set up:

Part three; a barometer tool for you:

Section four; is the new frontier, the internet (footnote; if you are one of the people doing the “copy/paste” without citing us as a source you are part of what we have written about, please stop):

The intended segment five was too broad a topic for one of these relatively short articles. We realize that each segment may appear to be a “long article,” when in truth it scratches only the surface of each topic. Connecting wild horses and burros to the larger picture of public land management is often lost in conversations overly rooted in…

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Velma Johnston, An Apology

Wild Horse Education

Tour Velma, in hat and glasses, at the first removal of wild horses under federal jurisdiction

Today is International Women’s Day. Velma Johnston’s birthday was the 5th. We have been busy on the road and addressing multiple concerns and will update you “on the range” soon. This article addresses issues faced in advocacy for wild horses and burros, then and now. It also addresses a sad reality.

EDIT: Since the writing of this piece the author of the book and Leigh have had contact. The book Leigh notes in this article has the unfortunate reputation of being the “least-read book,” in spite of great revues. Leigh said she chose this book to read because she had not seen it used as a gimmick by orgs looking to profit from it. She also notes that what Alan Kania has written to her, will be cherished. Link to the book on Amazon…

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