Getting Started

Here is my very first real blog. I have to say this is a bit of a daunting task for me. But here I go. I already spend to much time on facebook. I can’t believe I am starting a blog. I never really wanted a blog but figure heck, why not. Maybe I should put my random postings that I share on facebook and put them in a more collected, meaningful thoughtful space.

I tend to be ADD and lose my train of thought. A lot! I think facebook inspires that kind of mentality. You have tons of short memes and images going around. How on earth can any one really focus on them in a meaningful way, right? Unless you are an activist of some kind that puts a lot of effort into petition writing and awareness campaigns like many of my friends do. I met a lot of them on a web site called care2 doing just that. So maybe this blog will help me get my thoughts together better and even translate that into art.

Many of those friends are very opinionated,  as I can be myself. Some of them are activists against animal cruelty and even political activists for human rights. Heh…they can be pushy, myself included but I don’t want to be that here.

I want to share my love of animals, with a bit consciousness thrown in there about animal cruelty occasionally.  I want a worth while collection of thoughts, that even connect to my artwork in some way. I want people to enjoy my thoughts as well as my art. Maybe even learn something they didn’t know about animals such as wild horses, which are at times, an inspiration for my love of drawing horses.

Here is one example inspired by the wild. It is an ACEO sized (2.5×3.5 inches in size) Completed in color pencil.

Located at my Etsy shop. Thank you for stopping by and greeting me to the blogging world. HA!

I hope you come back for more updates.

Inspired by a little mustang filly.

Inspired by a little mustang filly.

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