Help out a kitty

I want to share a story about a cat that was rescued, named Atlas. This poor cat has been through hell and back. He had a major infection in his mouth but with the loving care of his rescuers, he seems to be pulling though. I wanted to share this story in the hopes of spreading around his Chipin page so that he can get the surgery that he needs.

It probably would be easier to just put this poor cat down, but he has such a fighting spirit his rescuers just couldn’t bare that thought. Every life is precious after all, and if we are to gain some semblance of humanity in this world shouldn’t we give him a chance too?

Here is his page. His whole story and even updates, is on there. If you can donate even 1 dollar that will go towards helping out this poor kitty. He is improving but he still needs surgery.


Thank you for taking a look! Please help out if you can.


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