Save the Elephants

Hi folks!

It has been awhile. I wanted to share this. Elephants are being poached at every faster speeds! Some poachers have even been known to use helicopters to gun them down, swoop in take the tusks and leave without a trace except for the dead elephant. Same with rhinos. This is a massive tragedy happening on our planet. We may soon face a world that no longer has large species of animals like elephants and rhinos. Greed is so deep for this bloody of a trade, all for the ivory tusk. It is sickening. Please visit this site, sign a petition, donate, foster with a donation to help out. We have to do something. There are links to other information at this site as well. Articles that hi-lighting this gruesome tragedy are also listed on the site for you to have more info.

Recently 86 elephants were horrifically killed in Chad. Leaving none behind, 33 pregnant cows, and even 15 babies were slaughtered, senselessly. I am at a loss for words. I wish that could express or articulate the depth of my sorrow for these creatures and their suffering and the anger at how stupid those who do the killing are. There needs to be a loud world wide out cry against China, to STOP the elephant ivory and rhino horn and body parts trade!! Boycotts are needed! I know that maybe challenging to do because so much of our junk comes from China but if we as a world don’t, we are facing mass extinction! We will regret that for future generations!

I leave with this beautiful scene of a herd of elephants.

(I would give photo credit but I don’t know who took the picture.)

elephant lightning


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