Oklahoma’s Failing Fallin!

I am so extremely disappointed and saddened and angered by Governor Fallin for signing horse slaughter bill which lifts the 50 year old ban on horse slaughter Oklahoma!

Despite what pro-horse killers say, horse slaughter IS NOT A HUMANE way to get rid of unwanted horses. Everything from transport to the kill box to cutting the animal apart which (many are fully conscious through) it is not humane!! Everything that pro-horse killer say, is a complete LIE in this whole industry. Everything!

The fact that Oklahoma houses so many wild horses that the government has removed from their natural habitat, worries me greatly! So many wild horses have already been sold to slaughter. I know this is what they have in mind when they want slaughter house to open here. It is a BLIGHT on the state of Oklahoma and a BLIGHT on our WHOLE country because majority of people in the state and country DO NOT WANT horse slaughter to happen. The republicans who back this, who arrogantly exclaim “we won’t be bullied”?? Are you kidding me?? The only bullies, are these tyrants who do not listen to the will of the majority of the people, of us tax payers, who don’t want this monstrosity!

All they care about is money. They are pure darkness, they are a dark cloud and a huge disgrace to America. Right along with pro-horse killers who display such vileness just as the man who shot a horse on video, as a threat towards anti-slaughter people. http://blog.aspca.org/content/outrage-over-video-man-shooting-horse

Such wanton hate for life. Such hate towards activists, and then the corrupt politicians encourage this hate by emboldening them through passing horse slaughter in Oklahoma. The depravity is astounding.


Please forgive me for rattling on and on, but this is just so serious. The darkness the befalls us is great. It might seem minor to some because a lot of people think who cares we eat cows and pigs etc…but those animals suffer greatly as well and many, many advocates have come to realize that it may make them seem like hypocrites if they eat meat, so many have stopped. Those animals also have MANY advocates on their sides.

Plus the fact that the scandal over meat in Europe is so scary because we do not truly know what it is that we are eating unless you raise and process the animal yourself. They have even found rat in some meat in Europe. They have found donkey, and horse meat in places it should not be. Possibly even dog. They have found horse meat in food intended to be for school lunches. It is despicable! And it should scare every one. There is really no food safety. It has already been found that sea food has been mislabeled in America. How do we know that other food isn’t mislabeled or contaminated??


I am very angry at Gov. Fallin. As a public servant, she should know better. Tax payers do not want to foot the bill for this monstrosity. It does not create good jobs and it will be a blight on her state. Very poor choice. Very poor choice.

Failing Fallin









I need to start an art project. Hopefully that will divert my mind for awhile and maybe ease my aching heart. Thank you for following!


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