Horse Tripping WILL continue and other items

Horse tripping is atrocious and barbaric! It should not be happening. This is not entertainment.

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Horse tripping WILL continue in the state of Nevada even if the current Bill against it passes. Yes, you read that right.

At the Senate committee hearing all was going well. The serious nature of the issue was being presented and it was confirmed that it is happening in Nevada. And then one of the advocate presenters actually said that what happened in Winnemucca was an accident! Yes, you read that right as well.

It has been downhill since then.

The Bill was rewritten to allow what happened in Winnemucca to happen again. After all it was just an “accident.”

The Oregon state Senate just passed a BAN on horse tripping that moves into the House. If it passes Oregon will be added to the growing list of states that actually have BANS on horse tripping. Those states include the state of Texas that has the biggest traditional rodeo in…

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