Weight Loss Struggle, Do You Understand, too?

Weight Loss Struggle, Do You Understand, too?

Just like many people, I have been struggling to lose weight. I started in February of 2013. Now this has NOT been easy as I suffer from an extreme fatigue. This is one of the reasons why I don’t get much art work done. I sometimes can’t get much of anything done, because I often feel so exhausted. I also suffer a lot of pain. Pain in my neck and hips and feet. I think my weight gain has contributed to my plantar fasciitis in my feet. I have also developed a heart palpation that my doctor can not explain.

But even with all of that, I pushed to get started. Though it has been very slow, and has taken me months. I started to try and exercise. Just Get Moving!!!

I started doing push ups off the edge of my kitchen counter top. When I started, I could barely do ten. That is how weak I was. Now I can do 50 counter top push ups and 3 sets of 10 squats or leg lunges. Not bad considering I couldn’t even do 2 squats when I started. I know that doesn’t sound like much but I CAN tell I have gained strength in my arms and legs.

I like doing strength training with hand weights and resistance bands. I really dislike cardio workouts, though. I have also started working on core strength by doing sit ups on my exercise ball. It’s hard to do but I have to just get moving.

My husband also needed to lose weight. His cholesterol was really high. He mentioned it to a co-worker who told him about his own high cholesterol issues and weight gain. Then his co-worker told him about how he lost 22 lbs! He did it by using a product called Plexus Slim. It’s an all natural weight loss drink that helps lower cholesterol, balance blood sugar and reduce cravings for food. And it really does do what it claims!
Being hungry all the time or struggling to not snack on and off all day long was a struggle too. This stuff really helped ease my craving and last longer in between meals.

So on October 22 my husband and I started using Plexus Slim with the accelerator capsules to try and lose weight as well.
To date, my husband has lost 10 lbs!! Not bad. And he can now fit back into his work slacks. Which he did not think would happen. He still wants to lose about 10lbs more.

I have lost about 7lbs. It seems to be slow for me. But I think I have other issues that maybe playing a part in my not losing faster, like candida in my gut. But more on that later.

If you’d like to follow my journey on facebook please come like, comment and share my page. I’d love to chat with you about your weight loss journey too.

For any one who “likes my page, comments and shares” I will put your name into a hat and when I reach my first 25 likes I will do a draw for a free sample pack with a dvd in it. That is how confident I am of this product.

Here is an embarrassing picture of me BEFORE any weight loss. I gave it a sepia toned effect because I am not to happy with myself there. Feeling rather down about my weight. Some people say I am not that big which is true, but I am also short. 5’3 so being 161lbs has been a bit of a growing strain.

When I have an updated picture of my real weight loss, I will share that too. So please stay tuned.

I promise I will also get back to some artwork as well.



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