My Latest In Progress Art Piece

Two horses play fighting.  I hope to be finished with this one soon. I have had a lot of trouble with it. I started working on it then stopped out of frustration. I will share when I get it finished of course!

Stay tuned!



7 thoughts on “My Latest In Progress Art Piece

      • I completely understand that. I’m writing a novel (the easiest art form for me since my hands are a little shaky) and creating is a lengthy process. Especially when it’s something you really care about.

      • Oh writing, cool. I wanted to try that but my brain doesn’t sit still long enough for me to accumulate what I want to put down. Even for a children’s book. Maybe I will re-try that. I always wanted write one and illustrate it. Good luck with your novel!

      • Thanks. Maybe you could try starting with short stories. They’re great for me when my mind isn’t wanting to work for long periods of time. That’s where my blog came from. ha Good luck with your painting!

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