Volunteer Story, A First Roundup

Wild Horse Education

Video above seen at full zoom, 300 mm. Further enlarged in video editing program.

One of the requirements for any volunteer that signs up with WHE is that they journal. WHE requires a code of conduct, presentation of materials and ongoing engagement protocol as well. These other agreements focus on how to engage (WHE has a long investment in creation of advocating for the horses interests in a myriad of political traps). The journal process helps a new advocate sort through a myriad of personal feelings that can conflict or enhance commitment on the road to developing integrity as an advocate for the wild horse.

At Reveille WHE had two newcomers in tow; one a volunteer and one an independent film maker.

note from Leigh: “Sometimes I feel like the doctor that has told ten thousand people they have an illness and require surgery. We can all become a…

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