ACTION! DeRangedWar; tools, strategies and tactics (#FactWeek part one)


Wild Horse Education

onaqui110316_02-1-1 These are wild horses in the wild. The wild needs YOU! Action item at the bottom of this page.

ACTION ITEM  Planning 2.0 is like the “finger in the dyke” holding back larger threats to the land and our wild horses. Tell your Senator you want the rules to stay in place.

Please call your Senators today. If you don’t know your Senate office numbers directly, call (202)-224-3121 to be connected to your Senate offices (just tell them what state you’re calling from). Many Senators can be reached in their “home” offices. You can go here to find yours:

When you speak to your Senators, please tell them to protect BLM Planning 2.0 by voting “no” on S.J. Res. 15.

Edited March 6: We expect a vote in the Senate this week.

Action item is repeated again after the editorial.

There is a war against the environment and all…

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