President’s Budget Approves Selling Wild Horses To Slaughter

Wild Horse Education

fallon04 McDermitt horse at Fallon Auction.

It’s here. The Appropriations debate is on in full. We need to you call your reps and tell them to reject the proposed budget provision to sell or kill wild horses.

Find your Reps here:

We will update soon.

We knew this was coming. Over the weekend Leigh penned an editorial for CounterPunch, flexing the writing muscles to get ready. You can check it out to get a few facts before you call:

Over the last few weeks we have been getting information to Congress.

You must tell your reps that the Wild Horse program is not suffering because of wild horses. It is a symptom of the fact that the federal grazing program is not based on science. The government must get the federal grazing program under control and then, and only then, can wild horses be integrated. Some info here:

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