Velma Johnston, An Apology

Wild Horse Education

Tour Velma, in hat and glasses, at the first removal of wild horses under federal jurisdiction

Today is International Women’s Day. Velma Johnston’s birthday was the 5th. We have been busy on the road and addressing multiple concerns and will update you “on the range” soon. This article addresses issues faced in advocacy for wild horses and burros, then and now. It also addresses a sad reality.

EDIT: Since the writing of this piece the author of the book and Leigh have had contact. The book Leigh notes in this article has the unfortunate reputation of being the “least-read book,” in spite of great revues. Leigh said she chose this book to read because she had not seen it used as a gimmick by orgs looking to profit from it. She also notes that what Alan Kania has written to her, will be cherished. Link to the book on Amazon…

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