Do You Remember?

Wild Horse Education

Do you remember? Do you remember what 10,000 wild horses coming off the range in one year looks like? The video above has been viewed nearly 4 million times. The wild horses in these areas are targeted again, this time in a roundup 3 times the size of the winter roundup that lasted nearly two months.

What is coming will be a relentless assault. IF BLM moves forward with all of the actions they have proposed, now and those that they could not complete in the last two years, we could see from 12,000-30,000 wild horses rounded up in the next fiscal year, that begins in October.

To accomplish this goal the BLM budget proposes to kill tens of thousands of wild horses in holding facilities, create so called “partnerships” primarily with the ranching community that can then run more domestic livestock and take in money from their new “non…

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