Reining Glory Color Pencil

This color pencil artwork is currently for sale. It is 11×9 inches in size, un-matted and unframed. It will come in a protective sleeve. I love horses and this was a fun project that I worked on. I would really love to see it find a new home. If you have any questions, please ask!!

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Reining Glory  120dpi


New Art Title: A Different Perspective

It has been a long time since I blogged but I wanted to share my latest piece.

I call it ‘A Different Perspective’.

This piece actually took me MONTHS to finish. I hated it when I drew out the sketch. I wanted to see it through. This piece was so tough to work on because I had experienced the dreaded wax bloom that can happen when using color pencil. I erased the chest portion then painted over it with Gesso! Then I erased it again! I just knew I had ruined this piece.

I did not give up! I was able to work it out and it now looks pretty darn good. I have even already SOLD this piece. It pays to stick with it and finish it. People seem to love it. It has gotten a good laugh.

So here it is.

horse carrot 150dpi

Animal Art By Jodi Copyrighted 2016


My Latest In Progress Art Piece

Two horses play fighting.  I hope to be finished with this one soon. I have had a lot of trouble with it. I started working on it then stopped out of frustration. I will share when I get it finished of course!

Stay tuned!


Sue Cattoor, Evil Witch Of Helicopter Horse Stampedes (Rich from your tax money)

Sue Cattoor, Evil Witch Of Helicopter Horse Stampedes (Rich from your tax money)

“In My Outraged Opinion” by R.T. Fitch ~ president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“RIGHT NOW, TODAY the Cattoors are having THEIR way with YOUR wild horses at the Adobe Town helicopter stampede with NO PUBLIC OBSERVATION…”

“Feel Good Sunday” is canceled for this day.  Sorry, I was planning on writing about what an uplifting and endearing experience Terry and I had on Black Friday riding our companion horses on Galveston Beach versus being tied up in a mall with a bunch of crazy people but that is going to have to wait for another day as the plight of our wild horses and the antics of the BLM pushed all that goodness and light off onto the back burner, as usual.

Instead, I will share with you some darkness that rode in on a broomstick from the cold, stark western skies and landed square in my inbox on Thanksgiving weekend with a stomach churning plop and covered with the smell of distant deceit; that, ladies and gentlemen, was a personal email from the grand dame of wild horse pain and suffering, the BLM hired gun for ripping away the freedom and destroying the families of our wild horses and burros, none other than the BLM helicopter contractor, Sue Cattoor…….READ MORE at the link!

BLM Destroys More Wild Horse Herds Over Thanksgiving At Tax Payer Expense

BLM Destroys More Wild Horse Herds Over Thanksgiving At Tax Payer Expense

ROCK SPRINGS, WY. (Nov. 26, 2013) –The Cloud Foundation (TCF) along withWild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF) adamantly oppose the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) continuing policy of rounding up wild horses in brutal weather conditions as witnessed by humane observers at the Adobe Town/ Salt Wells roundup in southern Wyoming this week. TCF calls on Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, to step in and put an end to what the Colorado non-profit characterizes as “taxpayer funded animal abuse.”

Temperatures in the low teens in the Adobe Town/Salt Wells Complex (ATSW) did not stop the BLM from running wild horses, including small foals only a few months of age, to trap sites miles away from where the mustangs were attempting to survive wintry conditions. At least one small foal was unable to keep up with its mother according to humane observers of the operation. They also reported adult horses coming into the trap site wet from sweat, a formula for respiratory complications…… READ MORE AT LINK!

Horse Tripping WILL continue and other items

Horse tripping is atrocious and barbaric! It should not be happening. This is not entertainment.

WHE Blog

Horse tripping WILL continue in the state of Nevada even if the current Bill against it passes. Yes, you read that right.

At the Senate committee hearing all was going well. The serious nature of the issue was being presented and it was confirmed that it is happening in Nevada. And then one of the advocate presenters actually said that what happened in Winnemucca was an accident! Yes, you read that right as well.

It has been downhill since then.

The Bill was rewritten to allow what happened in Winnemucca to happen again. After all it was just an “accident.”

The Oregon state Senate just passed a BAN on horse tripping that moves into the House. If it passes Oregon will be added to the growing list of states that actually have BANS on horse tripping. Those states include the state of Texas that has the biggest traditional rodeo in…

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Spanish Horse Drawing

This is my latest graphite drawing of a Spanish Horse named FabulosoPM. If any one is interested in a portrait of their horse, please feel free to contact me about details. I’d love to work with you! Click the picture to see details. Hope you like it!

Spanish Horse Palomino

Spanish Horse Palomino

Photo reference. Paco Marti gave me permission to use their picture.

Photo reference credit: Paco Marti gave me permission to use their picture for this project. They have some of the most beautiful Spanish horses!