Reining Glory Color Pencil

This color pencil artwork is currently for sale. It is 11×9 inches in size, un-matted and unframed. It will come in a protective sleeve. I love horses and this was a fun project that I worked on. I would really love to see it find a new home. If you have any questions, please ask!!

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Reining Glory  120dpi


My Latest In Progress Art Piece

Two horses play fighting.  I hope to be finished with this one soon. I have had a lot of trouble with it. I started working on it then stopped out of frustration. I will share when I get it finished of course!

Stay tuned!


Trying to find homes for babies

I am trying to find homes for some very adorable kittens. These babies were born to a feral mom under my mother’s front porch. But these kittens are beautiful. They don’t look like regular feral kittens. They look like they have Ragdoll in them. But of course I don’t know that for sure. It is very frustrating to find homes for kittens. There are so many cats out there. In fact my mother has been feeding a group of about 15 feral cats on a dilapidated property next to hers. She hates to see them starve. But my mom can not catch them to get these cats to the local events that offer free spay and neuter for ferals.

I have been trying very hard to find a way to get this done but the cats know her and not me so they run away. Well at least she got the kittens mother fixed at this free local event. I wish I could do more. But it is difficult since I live an hour away and have responsibilities at home to tend to as well. I am still going to try and get these kittens homes. My neighbor has taken one of them. Here is a picture of one of them.

He is a creamy white with orange like points on his ears and tail

He is a creamy white with orange like points on his ears and tail. This one is less Ragdoll looking but just a pretty fluffy.

Finished Sea Turtle

Hey art fans! Sorry it took me so long to post my finished turtle. I get busy with life and sometimes forget my blog.

I did want to share my finished Sea Turtle. Hope you like it. I need to find a way to print it. If any one has any good printing ideas, feel free to let me know! I always enjoy useful advice. Also for a book mark print.

I completed this as a tribute to Sea Turtle conservation. These wonderful creatures need protection. There are so many beautiful ones out there.


Sea Turtle in Color Pencil and a tad bit of gesso.

Sea Turtle in Color Pencil and a tad bit of gesso.











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